League Scores and Tips


Winter Bullseye Pistol League at Vantage Point Range

13 Weeks (November 29th, 2018 - February 25th, 2019)

13 Weekly matches. Best average score per individual event across the season. (minimum of 6 targets in that event to rank for the season, your best 6 scores will be your average for final rankings) Up to 4 Events per Match/Week available. Regular range fees apply. No additional fee to participate in league.

Anyone is welcome to participate in the League. This year we will be splitting the rankings into two groups, “Beginner” and “Experienced”. The “Beginner” league will shoot the same targets as the “Experienced” league but at 25’ distance instead of 50’. This is based on feedback from last year and a significant amount of newer shooters looking to join this year, which is fantastic!

Targets/Distances Used:

50 Foot Slow Fire NRA Target B-2 (shot at 25’ for Beginner)

1 Target per Shooter per Event (max of 4 per week per shooter) Purchase additional or bring your own practice targets.

Shooting Position:

ONE HAND unsupported while standing. (Traditional Bullseye Pistol Shooting)

Sitting unsupported will be allowed for those with mobility or health issues per range discretion.


Any rimfire or centerfire pistol and caliber. For red dot events, no magnified optics.

No gloves or wrist/arm/clothing supporting devices.

Events: (4 events per week available)

All events will be 10 SHOTS slow fire, ONE HANDED. Highest score possible is 100 per event.

Experienced League:

Rimfire 50’ Rimfire Red Dot 50’

Centerfire 50’ Centerfire Red Dot 50’

Beginner League:

Rimfire 25’ Rimfire Red Dot 25’

Centerfire 25’ Centerfire Red Dot 25’

Scoring targets must be shot between Thursday-Sunday during Vantage Point Range Regular Hours. Shooters can group up to shoot/encourage each other but it is not necessary. All events must be shot in the week it will be scored. No make-up or shooting ahead a week. A minimum of 6 targets in an event to rank for the season.


Scoring targets must be purchased from Vantage Point Range and stamped by range staff before shooting indicating it as the scoring target for each event.

The Date, Event, Beginner or Experienced and Shooter Name will be printed somewhere on the target to be considered eligible for scoring. A log will be kept for each scoring target handed out so someone doesn’t try to redo an event for that week.

Scoring targets will be turned into range staff after shooting for scoring later by the league scoring team.

Shooters can purchase additional targets or bring their own for practice. Rankings and scores will be posted the following week.

An honor system will be in place for shooting the correct distance for each event and playing by the rules. Integrity and respect is expected from all participants. The range is video monitored and recorded. If a shooter is found to be intentionally cheating, they will be removed from the rankings for all events for the season.



League Information (pdf)