vantage point range safety rules


Please note that steel core AND steel CASED ammunition in addition to aluminum cased ammunition are no longer acceptable when shooting at Vantage Point Range.

If you have questions regarding the new ammunition requirements call the range:  

507-931-4867 or Marie:  507-461-0614

Vantage Point Range Rules & Liability Waiver


Must be 18 years of age to shoot in our facilities without a parent or guardian, must be 21 to buy pistol ammunition. Minimum age requirement with a parent or guardian is 9 years.

· Age 9 -10 (.22rifle)

· Age 11 – 12 (.22 pistol)

· Age 13 – 18 (center-fire allowed based on the stature of the child, and solely at the discretion of the range staff)

The following ammunition is NOT allowed to be used on the range: 

Armor piercing, incendiary, steel core, tracers, explosive steel-jacketed ammunition

Steel, birdshot or buckshot shotgun rounds, 

No aluminum cased ammunition.

The range officer makes the FINAL DECISION on ammunition unsuitable for indoor range use.

No pre-loaded magazines. You will be asked to unload your magazines. 

All ammunition is subject to inspection by staff at any time during your visit.

The following firearms are NOT allowed to be used on the range:

Black Powder firearms

Mosin Nagants

Slide or Bump fire stocks 


1. Current photo identification is required.

2. Firearms must be holstered, in a box or gun case when entering or leaving the building.

3. All ammunition used in our rental guns must be purchased from Vantage Point Range.

4. All firearms are subject to inspection at any time by staff, and may be considered unsafe or unacceptable

5. We have a double door system to enter the range. Close the door behind you before opening the door in front of you both entering and exiting the shooting bay. The doors are not self-closing!

6. If alarm sounds, IMMEDIATELY cease fire, make sure your firearm is safe, and wait for range staff. If the lane light is flashing, please notify the range staff.

7. NO food or drink allowed in the range.

8. Adequate hearing and eye protection must be worn at all times while in the range. “Readers” or “Cheater Bifocal” eye glasses are NOT acceptable – they do not offer any protection from hot brass ricochets. Ear plugs may be used as long as you understand how to CORRECTLY use them. 

9. Know how your firearm operates.

10. Do not leave a loaded firearm unattended. 

11. All firearms must be clear with the action open except while actively firing.

12. ALWAYS point firearm in a safe direction DOWN RANGE.ABSOLUTLY NO muzzling or pointing a firearm at a person either in the range or in the store/lobby. (This includes “unloaded” and open action firearms.)

13. Keep FINGER OFF trigger until ready to shoot.

14. Keep firearm UNLOADED until ready to fire.

15. Firearms MUST be HOLSTERED OR CASED until on the firing line.

16. No loading firearms on back shelves. All muzzles must be pointing down range at all times!

17. Keep the action open and the firearm unloaded until ready to fire. The action is to be opened immediately when the firearm is removed from a case. The action must stay open until ready to fire.

18. Always uncase and case your firearm at the firing line. 

19. HOLSTER drawing is NOT ALLOWED

20. Attach targets to cardboard using provided masking tape on the area marked by range staff.

21. To run the target systems, push toggle switch in the direction you want it to go, then push the yellow/black button. IF THE TARGET SYSTEM IS NOT RESPONDING AT ANY TIME, report it to the attendant.

22. Do not remove a jammed or malfunctioning firearm from the firing line. Leave the firearm on the firing line table and contact staff for assistance.

23. All fired rounds must impact the bullet trap area. No impact into target system, floor, roof or sidewalls.

24. An alarm will sound if you step in front of the firing line, or if brass or target is dropped near the line.

25. Pick up ONLY your own brass that is BEHIND the firing line. Do not pick up brass in front of the firing line, and do not disturb other shooters while picking up your brass.

26. DO NOT pick up brass from another shooter’s point while they are shooting even if it is your brass.

27. As a courtesy to the next shooter, PLEASE remove targets and clean your area when finished.

28. Any damage resulting from the use of unauthorized ammunition is the CUSTOMERS LIABILITY.

29. Damage beyond normal wear is the CUSTOMERS LIABILITY.

I would rate my previous experience with firearms as: (check all that apply)

Novice  Beginner Intermediate  Expert


Long Gun       

I am fully aware that there are serious risks in the use of firearms and shooting ranges. I understand that these dangers include but are not limited to being shot by myself or others, being injured by ricochets, being injured by firearm failures resulting in explosions, poisoning by toxic vapors, damage to my hearing from high noise levels and damage to my vision or skin from gunshot flashes. I recognize that shooting firearms is extremely hazardous and may result in serious injury or even death. Pregnancy warning: I understand that studies have shown high noise levels can cause injury to unborn infants. It is with complete awareness of these dangers that I elect to participate in this activity. I understand that Vantage Point Range, Inc. Has taken precautions for my safety but substantial risks do still exist, therefore:

I, and on behalf of my agents, assigns, executors and administrators, for consideration of my being allowed to use the facilities, firearms, ranges, products, instruction and services of Vantage Point Range, Inc., do now absolutely and unequivocally, indemnify, absolve, release and hold harmless Vantage Point Range, Inc. as well as it’s employees, instructors, officers, directors, agents or assigns from any claim, demand or liability arising out of any injury, loss or disability to myself or others even if caused or allowed by the recklessness or negligence of Vantage Point Range, Inc., it’s employees, instructors, officers, directors, agents or assigns.

I do not have any criminal history or mental illness history that would prevent me from legally using firearms. I have no present physical disabilities or impairments that limit my ability to safely use firearms. I am currently free of drugs, alcohol and emotional impairments that could affect my judgment. I have received adequate and sufficient instruction in the safe use of the firearms and will ask for help should any questions or problems arise. I agree to abide by the posted range safety rules and to wear eye and ear protections in the range area.

$50.00 Charge for using aluminum cased ammunition

$250.00 Charge for using magnetic projectiles

Customers are liable for cost of repair due to damages to the range or the range equipment


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Download Rules & Procedures Below

VPR Rules and procedures (pdf)